Tripura Tea Development Corporation (TTDC) in order to cut down cost of manufacturing tea has made a pioneering attempt of converting its coal-based tea factories into green energy-based facilities.

2 factories belonging to the state-owned corporation are going to function on natural gas from this season set to begin from March-April 2022.

Gopal Chakraborty, one of the key members of the boards of directors TTDC and chief advisor to Durgabari tea estate informed that the construction works including installation and laying of pipes are underway in full swing ands remaining works are on the verge of completion.

TTDC has attributed the shift in tea production method from coal to natural gas to the skyrocketing prices of coal and unavailability of the crucial fossil fuel in crucial times of dire necessity. The gas-based plant shall not only reduce the manufacturing cost but will also emit near-zero pollutants in the air.

On January 9, 2022, Tripura Natural Gas Corporation Limited signed an agreement with Tripura Tea Development Corporation for supplying of natural gas as an alternative energy source for Durgabari tea factory as well as the factory of Tripura Tea Development Corporation located at a walking distance.

According to available information, around 13 lakh kgs of tea is produced annually in both factories. The intake quantity of plucked leaves could be figured out if the quantity of made tea is multiplied in the matrix of five kgs of raw tea leaves tantamount to one kg of made tea.

Both the factories source raw leaves from small tea growers across the state and the Durgabari factory alone has 210 registered small tea growers.